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Although you can’t beat the odds on a roulette wheel and use a magical formula to win every time, you can improve your expected return by making the most of deals and promotions, and thankfully there are plenty of these available at all times with the casinos that we use.

The most widespread type of promotion will be a deposit bonus: These are given as standard on every site to new players, and work by adding a set percentage to your first deposit (and possibly your second and third as well), although many casinos will give you a bonus for making subsequent deposits – sometime referred to as reloads – as well. 

Even more popular are no deposit bonuses - which are smaller amounts, but these are given out without you even needing to make any deposit at all. Usually no more than £20, they’re designed to introduce you to the site but generally you can keep any winnings generated from them so they’re always popular.

Another type of popular roulette promotion is the cashback scheme: These pay you a set percentage of any losses you make in a specified period, or example you might get 20% of any losses over a whole weekend worth up to $100, so if you lose $500 you’ll actually only be $400 down. These schemes usually require you to make a loss before they pay out which makes them look negative to an experienced player, but more advanced players realise that bad luck and good luck more of less evens out in the long run, so a cashback scheme will always enhance your long term expected return.

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