Skully Skyrocket and Luke Farley are in a painting battle royal!

RedLine Milwaukee Artist-in-Residence (AIR) is Milwaukee’s only 2 year artist-in-residence program.

The primary goal of RedLine Milwaukee’s AIR program is the inclusion and interaction of cross-fertilizing ideas among art, science, sound, storytelling, and criticism.  RedLine AIR promotes the creative expression of Emerging and Mid-career Artists artists in various disciplines through active and collaborative engagement.

RedLine AIR is two year program which provides emerging and mid career artists with new techniques that strengthen their personal vision, teaches professional practices, and explores the many disciplines that inform media and art today.  RedLine Milwaukee’s emerging nad mid career artists receive mentoring from accomplished artists who are also in residence, along with visiting national and international artists. RedLine AIR resident artists participant in community service on a weekly basis.  Mentors, Emerging and Mid-Career Resident Artists are chosen by a committee and sign an agreement detailing their residency responsibilities. Participation in the Artist in Residence program is determined by an equitable selection process.

RedLine’s AIR application process is currently closed. Opens up again in Spring of 2017.

Click here to download applications for artists who are interesting in a 2 year Residency program which will include Mentor, Emerging and Mid-career Artists.

For further questions about RedLine’s AIR program email   Residency and Exhibition Manager Jeff Redmon 

Previous year applications for reference only:



Lori Bauman

Steve Vande Zande

Current Mentor and Resource Artists:

Blanche Brown

Dara Larson

Nirmal Raja

Melanie Ariens

Marc Tasman

Ann Wydeven

Jill Sebastian

Current Emerging or Mid-career Artists:

Anja Notanja

Clayton Haggarty

Cynthia Hayes


Jake Hill


Julie Von der Vellen



Alumni Mentor Artists
Robert Burns

Carol Kerr

Raoul Deal

Fahimeh Vahdat

Larry Dattillio

Aeran Park

Lauralle Guilbault

Alumni Resident Artists

Melanie Ariens

Nina Ghanbarzadeh

Skully Gustafson

Carly Huibregtse

John Kowalczyk

Jessica Laub

Madeline Martin

Christopher McIntyre  CMP website

Jeff Redmon

Natalie Schmitting

Stefani Quam

Aries Tjhin

Richard Yoo

Laci Coppins

Kari Garon Kari on MARN

Chelsey Bills

Jon Brown

Lindsey Weigel

Namim Kim

Luke Farley

Jamie Bilgo Bruchman

Sue Lawton

Katie Ryan

Jody Emery

Kari Garon


Santhosh Sakhinala, November, 2016

Baala R.

Willie Birch, New Orleans, October, 2013

Nathaniel Donnett, Houston, April 2013

Mary Hood, Phoenix, March 2013

James Reid,  Los Angeles, February 2013 GEMINI G.E.L.,

Anne Kingsbury, January, 2012

Heimo Wallner, Austria, April, 2011

Justin Cooper, New York City, December, 2011  www.nessiecoop.

Clemens Weiss, New York City,  October, 2011

Rebecca Schoenecker, Chicago,  April, 2010

Andrea Rojas, Colombia, South America,  March, 2010

Thomas Woodruff, New York City, February, 2010,

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., Alabama, January, 2010,

Tomas Vu Daniel, Columbia University, New York City, October, 2009,