Live+Work Studio Apartment

RedLine Milwaukee Live/Work Opportunities 
Selected visiting artists will enjoy a generous on-site live/work studio apartment complete with kitchen access and a private full bathroom with laundry facilities. Conveniently located at the corner of North 4th Street and McKinley Avenue in downtown Milwaukee, the three story, 22,000 square foot facility offers 24-7 access to additional production spaces, including exhibition space, artist studios, a community print shop, dye lab and paper-making studio.
How it works?
Artists traveling to Milwaukee who need a place to live and work can apply to stay at the RedLine Studio Apartment! You can apply to any open session by emailing  and your application will be reviewed promptly.
Please submit the following:
– Preferred Dates of visit
– Name, Address, Phone, Email and Website
– A brief Bio
– Artist CV
– A paragraph explaining the nature of your visit
Upcoming Live/Work Sessions
• Live/Work Session 1: September 5 – December 16, 2016 (Open to apply)
• Live/Work Session 2:  January 9 – May 31, 2017 (Open to apply)
• Live/Work Session 3: June – August, 2017
• Live/Work Session 4: Sept – Dec, 2017
Three different options are available for artists to Live/Work at RedLine
One night – $75
One week stay $225
One month stay $750
There is a $10 fee to apply which can be made through our donate page
Please note that artists will not be considered if the fee is not paid.