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The RedLine Series Portfolio Offer for Collectors:

Justin Cooper Sample, 24" x 20"


RedLine Milwaukee invites Visiting Artists into the print shop.  These artists generally are not printmakers, but are given technical assistance and come with an enthusiasm to explore this age old discipline in a very experimental way.  The results are fantastic and make up the RedLine Series, a limited edition of prints, available only through RedLine Milwaukee.  Visiting Residencies range from two week to three month stays.  Piloting this program early on were Clemens Weiss (NYC), Justin Cooper (NYC) and local Kevin Boatright.   Heimo Wallner screened Tees while here…..Interested in collecting?  RedLine is now offering a limited subscription of 9 portfolios.  This RedLine portfolio consists of one original Cooper print, two Weiss print proofs, one original Boatright print, and a Wallner Tee.  This portfolio sells for $1,000. Are you a Clemens Weiss fan?  We’ve got two opportunities to collect a series of 6 prints, all made at RedLine, selling for $750.  Call Lori at 414.491.9088 or

Clemens Weiss

Kevin Boatright

Heimo Wallner