Jeff Redmon

Emerging Resident Artist Jeff Redmon is focused on painting and drawing, but he also works in printmaking, collage, digital imagery and experimental art with found objects. For almost 20 years he has been creating intuitive line drawings, many of which have become the foundation for his paintings. This process of primal mark-making has led to a very distinctive style. Viewers frequently ask if he’s influenced by graffiti, translating the lines as text, or seeing letters and symbols where there may not be any.

While Redmon doesn’t generally make art from any specific imagery, he draws inspiration from the energy of the place he lives and the amazing individuals surrounding him. His work repeatedly portrays abstract figures, faces and urban landscapes. When painting, he uses the line to determine specific areas of color, creating a high contrast play between the vibrant warm/cool tones.

Redmon is a dedicated studio artist, creating paintings and prints for the purpose of gallery exhibition and selling. He also works as a community artist, organizing, advocating, collaborating, and creating public art. Jeff will continue to develop his craft. Look for his work in a gallery or on a street corner near you.

Jeff Redmon was born in the summer of 1977 in Racine, Wisconsin. Since receiving his BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2000, he has been heavily involved in the community through the arts. He is focused on painting, drawing and design.

Redmon is currently an artist in residence with Redline Milwaukee, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which is an urban laboratory that seeks to nourish the individual practice of contemporary art and to stimulate the creative potential of the local community to which we are linked. RedLine has provided Jeff with the opportunity to greatly expand his skills as an artist through mentorship, workshops, professional development, and interaction with the other artists in the facility.

Since 2010 Redmon has been a member of Made In Milwaukee, a cultural advocacy group dedicated to the exposure, growth, and advancement of the local art, music, and business community. Through MiM he has helped to organize Milwaukee’s first TEDx event, co-founded and organized BVGN (Bay View Gallery Night), created the “A-Lot” juried mural exhibition located in the Colectivo Coffee parking lot, and much more.

Jeff has shown his artwork in numerous locations, created murals, organized events and curated exhibitions in the Milwaukee area. He is a studio artist creating art for gallery exhibition but he is also a community artist working with others in his network to inspire, create, and shape the place where he lives.