Current Emerging Artists in Residence

  • Gallery April 2016 Final Pop Up

    Something More Exciting @ RedLine April 15 & 16

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  • Julie-Headshot (1)

    Julie VonDerVellen

    Julie VonDerVellen Artist in Residence     Julie VonDerVellen is a artist, graphic designer, and instructor. Her pieces investigate memory, vulnerability, and significant moments that define, direct, and influence our lives. Paper serves as her primary medium – providing the foundation for crafting commonplace objects. […]

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  • IMG_7470446226323

    Kate Zolandz

    Kate Zolandz Artist in Residence     Kate Zolandz is a printmaker from the Milwaukee area. She graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a BFA in Printmaking in 2014. Wanting to stay a part of the printmaking community, she came across […]

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  • Lynn_Reif

    Lynn Reif

    Lynn Reif Artist in Residence     Lynn Reif is a native of the Milwaukee area; Artist, devoted Student of Vedanta and Yoga Science, Photographer, Teacher, and Business owner. She graduated from Columbia College  in Chicago with a BA; concentration: Film. She spent 4 years […]

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  • Photo- Jake Hill

    Jake Hill

    Jake Hill Artist In Residence     Jake Hill is a contemporary photographer and emerging artist based in the city of  Milwaukee. A recent recipient of his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Hill works as a professional […]

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  • Cynthia Brinich-Langlois

    Cynthia Brinich-Langlois

    Cynthia Brinich-Langlois Artist in Residence       Cynthia Brinich-Langlois grew up in rural Alaska in a small town on the tundra. The oral tradition of storytelling remains an integral part of the region’s culture, and this inclination toward narrative exchange has become fundamental to her art making. […]

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  • Jamie Bilgo Bruchman

    Jamie Bruchman

    Jamie Bilgo Bruchman Artist in Residence       Jamie Bilgo Bruchman is a mixed-media painter and printmaker. Working with plants in both her personal and professional life gives her energy and a sense of well being. The daughter of a horticulturist, her attraction to natural phenomena is fueled […]

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  • Jody Emery

    Jody Emery

    Jody Emery Artist in Residence       Jody Emery uses carefully selected bits of scrap metal to create relief works on sheet metal. In her work she explores the paradoxical nature of using scrap metal, industrial and man-made, tangible and unforgiving, to express the shape and feel […]

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  • Luke Farley

    Luke Farley

    Luke Farley Artist in Residence       A graduate with honors in Studio Art from Cornell College, Luke Farley is an artist with roots mainly in painting and sculpture. On large format canvases he creates rhythmic compositions by allowing emotional impulses to direct his process driven painting […]

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  • Miles Buss

    Miles Buss

    Miles Buss Artist in Residence       Miles Buss’ work entertains oppositional elements in reality, such as functionality versus non-functionality, illusion versus reality, and humor versus seriousness. His work uses minimal and distinct colors to highlight value and spatial relationships while creating an obvious separation from reality with […]

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  • Sue Lawton

    Sue Lawton

    Sue Lawton Artist in Residence       Sue Lawton was born and raised in the Milwaukee area and has been drawing for as long as she can remember. After receiving her BFA in 2002, she has been working extensively with images that tell stories. In 2011 she […]

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  • Katie Ryan

    Katie Ryan

    Katie Ryan Artist in Residence       Katie Ryan is an emerging artist residing in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ryan graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts emphasis in Painting and Drawing from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in Spring of 2013. Katie loves textures, old things, books, magazines, furniture, […]

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