SHELTER links those who are using the resources of the Salvation Army’s Emergency Lodge and undergraduate art education students with art therapy undergraduates from Alverno College, and RedLine resident artists. Together, they create a limited-edition, handmade artist book.

This program runs for five consecutive Saturdays and allows homeless children and their families, who are dealing with the stress of being displaced, an important opportunity to interact in a positive way. RedLine creates a platform to discuss difficult social justice issues. Each two-and-a half-hour session begins in the gallery, learning about the artwork on exhibition.

After this conversation, children and adults break into peer groups to create framed printing plates. At the sessions’ end, the entire group reconvenes in the Print Shop to make a limited edition of their prints. One edition goes with the participants; other editions are bound into books. Both RedLine’s library and the Salvation Army hold copies of the finished books.

Each five-week SHELTER program (providing 12 1/2 hours of programming for 20-30 adults and children) costs a minimum of $2500 to produce. Please consider sponsoring a SHELTER program that brings the healing power of art to families in need in our community.

To become a sponsor of SHELTER, email Executive Director Jeanne Jarecki at or call 414.491.9088. Naming opportunities are available.

Our grateful thanks go to the  Legends of te Field Logo  for their generous grant supporting SHELTER in 2014.