RedLine Milwaukee Juried Exhibition at MOWA

Current, Past and Mentor Resident Artists will be featured at the Museum of Wisconsin Art MOWA in the RedLine exhibition from August 22–November 8, 2015 State Gallery

From many applicants, eight artists have been selected to represent the organization and demonstrate the wonderfully diverse applications of printmaking that the organization encourages. The work featured will range from a thought-provoking piece on water issues within the Great Lakes, meditations on cities and urban sprawl, a huge paper tiger, and a tangled nest of snakes.

The featured artists are Melanie Ariens, Kimberly Weiss, Cynthia Brinich-Langlois, Laci Coppins, Raoul Deal, John Kowalczyk, Dara Larson and Nirmal Raja.

Image for RedLine

Dara Larson, New Moon in Central City, Digital Collage, 2015

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