transition graphicTimes of transition can be strenuous, however they are an opportunity to rethink priorities, and be intentional about decisions. Therefore we can make our new normal anything we choose. May 20th will be my  (Jeanne Jarecki)  last day at RedLine. After almost two “art filled” years I have resigned as Executive Director.

My “new normal” includes my passion for the outdoors as I surround myself with flowers, plants and hiking trails. If you are in Wauwatosa please stop by and visit me at Wisconsin Garden and Pet. In the winter months I plan to go west and reconnect with the National Parks. As a consultant I plan to assist Friends groups to further their missions in support of the parks.

It has been a pleasure to lead and work together with the RedLine staff, co-founders, mentors, artists, volunteers, interns and the board. As a team we were able to establish operational policies and procedures, training programs for volunteers, a constitute database, bi-monthly meetings for Board committees and much more.

What I am most proud of is broadening RedLine’s community. Through new and renewed partnerships artists representing RedLine exhibited at MOWA, The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center, Alfons Gallery and Discovery World. Contemporary Teen nights began supporting neighbors from the Hillside Community Center and Milwaukee Center for Children and Youth. Collaborations with NEWaukee, MARN, The LGBT Center of Milwaukee, MMAC and Blick Art Materials resulted in reciprocal Membership programs and outreach events. The list goes on as many more organizations have stepped to support RedLine’s Mission.

Best of luck to RedLine as they line up the new team.

Jeanne Jarecki