Horizons Collaborative Experiment On View in the RedLine AIR Gallery

Horizons is a collaborative experiment between Carroll University students, Elizabeth Berg, Alexandra Rose, and MackHORIZON AIR 3 2015-12-17 19.23.20enzie Schmitt.
This exhibit will be on view on the second floor of RedLine Milwaukee in the AIR Gallery until January 15th 2016.
RedLine is currently closed for Winter Break reopening Thursday January 7th.
RedLine is open to the public on Thursdays from 10-7 and Friday and Saturday from 10-3.
Facilitated by Artist in Resident Julie VonDerVellen, the project is based off of the Exquisite Corpse game. This version was developed by following simple, preliminary parameters. The students began by laying out nine pieces of paper and drawing one fluid line. They divided the sheets, and worked independently never viewing or discussing the others’ progress. Their intention was to avoid being influenced by the others’ creative directions.
Only grayscale media and consistent mark-making techniques were to be utilized in the creation of the 2D pieces.
The students explored pen and ink illustration, collage, and printmaking processes. Collectively, the drawings move fluidly from one piece to the next through line, shape, texture, and value.
HORIZON AIR 8 2015-12-17 19.23.20
The sequence of pieces displays each student’s distinct interpretation, as well as various commonalities within their artistic processes and conceptual expressions.