Get PUBLISHED at RedLine!

Students from Seifert Elementary School are at RedLine in February!

PUBLISHED supports integrated learning in local schools with a hands-on research approach through a five-session program that enhances the curricular content cho2016-Published Februarysen by the partnering school.

Session 1: School Teacher, Amanda Werley and RedLine Art Educators Melanie Ariens and Anja Notanja-Seiger meet at RedLine to discuss project and curriculum.

Session 2: Students visit RedLine to make the paper with which they will make their ‘book’. They learn about multiple perspectives on art making, the history of redlining and the Gallery Exhibit: Bobbleheads: Real & Fantastical Heroism.

Session 3: Students visited Grohmann Museum to conduct field research on the chosen curricular content.

Sessions 4, and 5: Students and teachers work with RedLine Art Educator(s) in an effort to create published work in our print shop and paper making studio.

Each of the PUBLISHED projects differs in content and studio practice, as projects are intrinsically tied to the curricular focus of our partner schools.